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1 Micron Swing and Twist Carbon Filter Cartridge

1 Micron Swing and Twist Carbon Filter Cartridge

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✓ Automatic shut off filter head makes filter replacements safe and easy

✓ Compact design allows maximum use of space under sinks or behind water dispensers

✓ Cost saving - Reduces servicing costs by saving time on filter changes

✓ Easy cartridge replacement - No housing spanners or tools required

✓ O’ring is on the filter – New O’rings with every filter change

✓ Single, twin or triple filtration systems available.

✓ Silver impregnated carbon block for chemical, taste and odour removal.

✓ Flow rate 2L per minute

✓ Filter replacement – 1900L or 6 months. Which ever occurs first.

✓ 1 Micron

✓ Operating Temperatures: 4-38°C

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