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Self Fill Filter Bottle

Self Fill Filter Bottle

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Introducing the Waterworks Self-Fill Bottle, an economical and highly convenient water filter option for homes and offices. With this filter, you can greatly improve the taste and odor of your tap water by reducing the chemical additives that often cause these issues. In fact, the filter is designed to eliminate bad taste and odor, providing you with fresh and great-tasting water that is safe to drink. The Waterworks Self-Fill Bottle is highly efficient, producing up to 8L of filtered water per hour, which is perfect for households and offices with high water usage.

The Waterworks Self-Fill Bottle is designed to fit all Waterworks bottle top water coolers and most industry standard coolers, making it highly versatile and compatible with a wide range of coolers. Additionally, the filter is designed to eliminate the need for heavy lifting, thus reducing OH&S risks, and it is also compatible with most ceramic dispensers.

The installation process for the Waterworks Self-Fill Bottle is easy and straightforward, which means that you can start enjoying fresh, clean water in no time. You can install the filter yourself without any professional assistance. In summary, the Waterworks Self-Fill Bottle is an affordable and convenient water filter option that provides great-tasting, fresh water for homes and offices, with easy installation and compatibility with most coolers and dispensers.

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